Posted On 19th June, 2017 by The Language Show Team
Natasha Saednejad has a BA Hons in French and Hispanic studies.     The Role of Languages in 2017 In a world of Brexit, Trump and seemingly general unrest, I have lately been considering the importance of communication – and more specifically of languages themselves. With the creation of both physical and metaphorical barriers occurring across the world, it seems to me now more imp
Ignaty Dyakov v.0
Posted On 15th June, 2017 by The Language Show Team
Ignaty Dyakov, Russian language trainer, author of the series of unconventional Russian language textbooks   Guadeloupean detectives on the Russian language service    Well okay, the detectives are not exactly Guadeloupean but rather relate to Guadeloupe. All right, all right, they are not really related to Guadeloupe either, but the main character is a Guadeloupean; a Guadeloupean
languages from dialects
Posted On 8th June, 2017 by The Language Show Team
There are two main ways to distinguish languages from dialects. The first is a social and political distinction in which languages are more prestigious and are written, but dialects are generally unofficial and are mostly spoken. This is encapsulated in Max Weinreich’s explanation that, “a language is a dialect with an army and a navy”. The second definition, set by linguists, focuses on
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