1+2 Approach Activities

Not sure how to tackle the new 1+2 approach for language learning in Scotland’s schools? This year the Language Show has a range of different talks, presentations and drop ins dedicated to the subject. Check out our highlights below:

SCILT - 1 + 2 Approach Advice Drop In

12 - 13.15 Fri and Sat - Piazza

Scotland's National Centre for Languages is on-hand to provide advice and guidance on all things 1+2 on the Piazza. Come along and gain advice from industry experts on the new curriculum and get help on delivering languages at both primary and secondary levels.


Maryse Payen-Roy of Glasgow City Council - 1+2: The Sum Of It

11.30 - 12.15 Fri - Room 2

A practical look at content and implementation.


Natasha Kozlowska of British Council Scotland - Embedding 1+2 Policy with the British Council

4.30 - 5.15 Fri - Room 2

This session will highlight how British Council programmes can support language learning and teaching at schools in Scotland. It will provide guidance on the funding, classroom resources and support available to better embed 1+2 policy within a whole school approach. It will also include a case study from an experienced education practitioner.


Jackie Gallagher of Education Scotland - 1+2 Languages: A National Perspective

10.30 - 11.15 Sat - Room 2

In this seminar Jackie will provide a national overview of how the Scottish government's languages policy (1+2) is progressing.


Escuela Cervantes - 1+2 opens many doors

15.45 - 16:15 Sat - Piazza
The 1+2 has created many anxieties among MFL practitioners. I will outline how the teaching of Spanish has helped to open new opportunities. Some of the CPD language activities in Spanish will be used in this presentation. You are encouraged to take part regardless of the level of Spanish you may have. The Escuela Cervantes Malaga has donated one week immersion tuition to give away for those who sign up and attend this workshop.


Watch this space! More information coming soon...

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