What's on
Posted On 8th December, 2016 by The Language Show Team
With the website having only just launched we wanted to make sure that there was already plenty of content for visitors to get their teeth into ahead of the registration launch, but there's plenty more to come.   Already live online:   Already live, our trademark Language Taster and Language Plus schedules will give everyone the opportunity to start planning their day ahead o
Language Taster
Posted On 8th December, 2016 by The Language Show Team
  We understand that it can be a tough time in the months between Language Shows and that frankly two shows a year just isn't enough, but between the fantastic announcements that are set to adorn this blog we do have some pretty good suggestions as to how you can get your language event fix. Our good friends over at Terra Consultancy are hosting the 6th annual Deaf Christmas Business Sh
A new frontier
Posted On 29th November, 2016 by The Language Show Team
Alongside the launch of our brand new website we’re delighted to be cutting the tape on our very own blog! It seemed an awful pity to us that despite having access to such a fantastic amount of content from across the world of languages, things had traditionally gone rather quiet between the two fantastic annual shows. Well no longer! The new Language Show Blog will provide free content inclu