Posted On 21st September, 2017 by The Language Show Team
BLB (Business Language Boutique) is a collection of language specialists with language and culture expertise including; Polish, German, Spanish and English. They are collaborative team who have worked together for over 4 years to provide a range of language solutions to a wide range of organisations and industries. They will be presenting their Seminar 'From 'I' to 'We' is the way to go' on F
Posted On 16th September, 2017 by The Language Show Team
   By Stephen Bishop, Executive Director, NRPSI       Public service interpreting, as many of those interpreters who are registered with the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI) will attest to, is a fulfilling profession. Facilitating communication between two parties in often life-altering and emotionally charged situations carries with it great
Posted On 14th September, 2017 by The Language Show Team
Joe Dale is an independent languages consultant from the UK who works with a range of organisations such as Network for Languages, ALL, The British Council, the BBC, Skype, Microsoft and The Guardian. He was host of the TES MFL forum for six years, former SSAT Languages Lead Practitioner, a regular conference speaker and recognised expert on technology and language learning.   Multime
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