At-risk languages from the Washington Post
Posted On 25th May, 2017 by The Language Show Team
There are two ways of measuring diversity of languages, either using the Greenberg’s Diversity Index or the Index of Linguistic Diversity (ILD) which is a longitudinal study recording how results vary over time.  The data reveals the rich and varied biocultural diversity around the world, but also tracks the loss of languages and those which are endangered. National Geographic reports th
India Infographic 2
Posted On 18th May, 2017 by The Language Show Team
Here are some fun facts for you: - It’s a hard question to answer as there is no clear distinction between languages and dialects. The latest analysed Indian Census (from 2001) shows there are 122 major languages spoken in India and 1,599 other languages, whereas the Economist counted just 438. This would place it fourth out of the top countries that speak the most languages in the world (
Posted On 10th May, 2017 by The Language Show Team
It’s that exciting time of year again when we relaunch our registration page in preparation to welcoming you back to another great line up of events over what promises to be a fantastic language show. This time around we are going to be at the Business Design Centre in Angel Islington which is a nicer brighter space and is easily accessible via public transport. In addition, the Business Design
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