Terms and conditions for freelancers and how to negotiate them with clients

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Sue Leschen is the Director of Avocate, a niche market company offering legal and business French. She is a lawyer – linguist and a hands-on interpreter and translator.


Having your own terms and conditions can save you a lot of time and money and mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business. Sue Leschen explains below.









Negotiating terms and conditions – watch your back!

It is shocking but true that most language professionals (LP’s) ‎don’t have their own terms and conditions! 


Why is this?

– Many LP’s are lazy

– Many LP’s rely solely on their clients’ T’s and C’s

– Many LP’s don’t know where to get their own T’s and C’s from

– Many LP’s don’t know they are entitled to have their own T’s and C’s

– Some LP’s are frightened of negotiating T’s and C’s  – they worry about loosing a job offer if the client thinks that they are being “difficult”

– Many  LP’s don’t actually know how to negotiate in the first place!

 Do you need some help in this area?

Do you fit into one or more of these categories?

 If yes (and many of you probably do) this workshop is a must!


Come and find out:

– How to get a set of T’s and C’s 

– Where to get them from

– How to negotiate T’s and C’s with clients


This workshop aims to:

– Put you on an equal footing with your clients

– Provide clients with an alternative  structure ( partnership) to the current‎ status quo (managers and managed) 

– Show LP’s how to adopt CIOL’s T’s and C’s in whole or in part

If you want to carry on just accepting whatever T’s and C’s your clients throw at you, don’t bother coming to the workshop but – if you do want to increase your professionalism –  come and join us!

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