Primary Languages Base

About ALL

The Association for Language Learning (ALL) is proud to be an official ‘Show Partner’ for Language Show Live 2017 and to once again provide the Primary Languages Base.

ALL is the UK’s major subject association for those involved in teaching foreign languages at all levels. The Association is committed to the professional development of language teachers and we currently support around 4,500 in the language teaching community.

ALL keeps its members briefed on news and updates in the languages sector, and we work hard to deliver a range of tangible benefits to our members through our member publications and online members’ resources.

ALL also works hard to influence the debate and work collaboratively with others on initiatives, projects and policy which affect the teaching of languages.


Language Futures

Language Futures is a highly innovative and creative approach to language teaching and learning where pupils choose a language they wish to learn and the teacher is facilitator i.e. he/she sets up the learning and manages the classroom, but will not necessarily know all of the languages studied.  Pupils are supported in their language learning by mentors from the local community. Pupils also design, plan and carry out extended projects which are designed to build knowledge and develop skills, to incorporate language learning and inter-cultural understanding and to connect learning to the real-world.   

Visit the Primary Languages Base to find out how primary schools are adopting Language Futures as an extra-curricular activity and enrichment experience to: broaden languages provision, promote and celebrate linguistic diversity and maximise the time devoted to the study of Primary Languages.



ALL is part of the multi-partner project “THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN”, a new computer game for the assessment of language skills at primary school level.

The project is being developed by ten international partners from the field of education, and addresses the need for an innovative tool to assess the progression in language learning of students in primary schools. The game is a fun and non-threatening testing method, which allows teachers to track the progress of individual students without putting the students in a test situation. This new approach to language assessment evaluates the students’ performance through progress reports instead of marks.

The game will be available in seven language combinations and follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as a benchmark. The game will be showcased in the Primary Language Base and visitors will have the opportunity to try it for themselves.

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